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Operation ROEXIT: Former Secret Service agent Daniel Dragomir, convicted in a first instance and investigated in the Black Cube case, wants Romania to leave the EU

A violent anti-EU speech was deployed for the first time in Romania on Monday night, introducing the idea that Romania should exit the European Union. The author of the proposal is Daniel Dragomir, a former Secret Service colonel, convicted for corruption, and one of the most vocal opponents of the anti-corruption fight.

Dragomir, who founded a party and is being cultivated by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), by receiving an invitation on the Secret Services Control Committee in Parliament, launched the ROEXIT proposal Monday evening after hearings in the European Parliament’s Justice and civil Liberties Commission.

On the same Monday night, Liviu Dragnea declared on Antena 3 that he does not want to give in to the EU’s will: “I really do not think that Prime Vice President Timmermans can tell the Romanian people how to vote in this referendum. I really do not think anyone in the European Union can tell the Romanian people how to define marriage in the Constitution. I say we have to fight for these rights. And we do not have to go on the idea of being politically correct in order to project a certain image. If we do not think seriously about the future of this country and the future of this nation, there is the option to obey blindly. I am not going to do this, ” said Liviu Dragnea.

Daniel Dragomir is investigated by the Anti- terrorism and organised crime directorate (DIICOT) for spying and harassing Kovesi in the Black Cube file. In another case, he was sentenced to one year imprisonment with suspended sentence for use of false documents . He has been preventively detained twice.

Dragomir launched the attack on the European Union on Monday using the great themes debated by those under judicial inquest and their media outlets in recent years: Romania must be a sovereign state, large foreign corporations steal our resources and do not pay taxes, the right of Romanians to choose what is written in the Constitution, we pay the EU more than we receive through European funds.

Daniel Dragomir’s propaganda looks remarkably similar to that used by other anti-European movements, such as the Brexit camp or the extremist movements in France, Germany, the Netherlands or Italy.

It is worth noting that Dragomir has referred to the Facebook post as “some hot comments after the Strasbourg debate”, but the posted Roexit logo is extremely elaborate, which implies a timely preparation of the time it was released .

Dragomir’s post had over 500 Facebook shares.

Dragomir started a vicious campaign against the Anti-corruption directorate and the anti-corruption fight since he was detained, then sued and sentenced in his first trial. Daniel Dragomir was sentenced in December 2016 by the Bucharest Tribunal to one year imprisonment for committing the offense of using fakes in documents under private signature in the form of improper participation. In the same case, Daniel Dragomir’s wife, Marinela Zoica Dragomir, was sentenced to imprisonment with suspended sentence for one year. (Source: G4Media)

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